Bantay Bata sues ABSCBN for illegal hiring of minors

Posted on January 20, 2011


DSWD and DOLE have thrown their support for Bantay Bata Foundation, which is suing ABSCBN for illegal employment of minors.

Atty. Reynaldo Reynaldo, legal representative of the aggrieved children claims that ABSCBN were fully aware that his clients are minors, yet they were subjected to hours of taping and guestings on their shows for 2 years without securing a DOLE permit.

ABSCBN lawyers replied, “ABSCBN was not aware that Kokey and Kekay are only 4 and 3 years old in planet Yekak age. In Earth years, they are actually 96 and 72 years old.”

Bantay Bata spokesperson Alessandra Innocentes-Bondying decried, “I cannot believe this neglect from our own mother network! Three years old! Imagine how furious Kris Aquino would be if Baby James were forced to work without a DOLE permit.”

Reynaldo Reynaldo revealed that Kokey made a phone call to Bantay Bata 163 after his sister, Kekay, could not take any more of Wenn Deramas’ incomprehensible slapstick.

Kokey and Kekay’s parents, Umamay Kakay and Tay Kokoy, were unavailable for comment.

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