Twitter celeb is new Communications group secretary

Posted on January 9, 2011


While the Executive Order establishing the Presidential Communications Group has yet to be signed, President Aquino appointed a third secretary to what used to be the office of the press secretary.

“I’m too busy! I can’t even find time to date, I haven’t accessed Friendster in a long time, I can’t even catch up with those who moved from Farmville to Cityville. I need someone to manage my social networking affairs,” said PNoy.

The newly appointed Secretary of Social Networking is @FakeNoynoy. According to Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, “His familiarity with the president’s way of thinking and his number of followers in Twitter were qualifications that other candidates simply could not match.”

Lacierda explained that this move was spurred by public criticism toward deleted comments at the president’s Facebook fan page, the president’s neglected twitter account, and even Mai Mislang’s controversial tweets. “The new Secretary of Social Networking will be in charge of the President’s social networking accounts. He will also track government officials’ tweets and sanction trolls, bashers, and other idiots.”

It was also revealed that @FakeNoynoy accepted the position on the condition of anonymity. He also prefers to be called “Sec. @FakeNoynoy.”

At the press briefing, journalists asked how they can get in touch with the new secretary.

Lacierda replied, “Tweet him.”

Sec. Sonny Coloma, Sec. Ricky Carandang, and Usec Manuel Quezon III could not be reached for comment.

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