Mar Roxas named presidential wingman

Posted on January 8, 2011


President Noynoy Aquino appointed his former running mate, Mar Roxas, as chief of the newly created Presidential Commission on Wife Selection (PCWS).

“Mar is my alter ego,” said PNoy.

Citing the recent stress from extensive media coverage on his love life, PNoy assigned Mar to stand in for him at his romantic pursuits.

In his first press conference this year Roxas explained: “This is a no-nonsense national issue. We have a standardized process approved by American consultants. A committee selects 25 women. In the beginning I will go on group dates with them. Every week, one will be eliminated in a R.O.S.E. ceremony. As time goes by we will have one-on-one dates until we have the final two women. At the final leg, I will go to their hometown, visit to their family, and have an overnight date. After I have given the final rose to the last standing woman, I cue in PNoy to propose to her.”

Presidential exes Korina Sanchez-Roxas and Shalani Soledad expressed their support for the PCWS.

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