Pedigree Petfood sponsors Azkals

Posted on January 8, 2011


Philippine Football Federation president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta announced that the Philippine Azkals secured a long-term sponsorship deal with international brand, Pedigree.

“Any aid for Philippine football is welcome,” said Araneta.

Pedigree Asia Executive Director Sunạkh Gǒu told reporters: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Azkals. They are a young vibrant team that is emerging to be an Asian favorite.”

Pedigree market research identified the Philippine team’s growing fan-base of swooning women to be likely dog-owners.

Gǒu added: “Furthermore, we are establishing our brand in the country. Many Filipino dog owners do not own high-breed dogs. Instead they own the common dog, which is called ‘askal’ or ‘asong kalye’ from which the team name is taken from.”

“Hopefully, more middle-class Filipinos see that Pedigree can nourish askals and Azkals better”

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